2013 Trends Revealed

The 2013 Easy Weddings Annual Australian Bridal Survey has released some interesting facts you might like to compare yourself to. These days the average bride is aged 28.6 and her fiancé 30.4. She supports gay marriage and does most of her wedding research online. 

She and her husband to be are likely to share with cost of the wedding with both sets of parents, and have an 21 month engagement prior to 'walking down the aisle'.  This length engagement is inconsistent with my couples, many of whom have a relatively short 'lead up' time to their wedding.

Almost 86% of couples will have co-habited and the same percentage of brides plan to take their husbands surname.  20% of couples already have children when they tie the knot.

While 88% wed locally, others choose a destination wedding. I think Tasmania 'punches above it's weight' in this respect, given that over 30% of weddings I perform involve interstate or overseas couples.  The most popular months to marry are October, November and March, which again leads me to suggest you can save money, and strike a good deal by planning your wedding in the 'off season'. With an estimated budget near $20,000, and an actual budget more than 50% above this, any savings is a help.

On average brides spend $1788 on their wedding gown, and the most popular wedding theme colours are blue, purple, white and pink. My experience in recent times suggests 'black and white' has been the dominant colour scheme, so there you go! The best news for celebrants is that over 71% of couples choose a civil ceremony with an average of 95 invited guests. Many surprises in this survey - I don't think so!  

The 'take home' message for me as a celebrant,  be 'online', but also make sure the potential customer has access to all the information they need from you; make it easy for them to 'like' what you can offer them  and be prepared to respond quickly to enquiries.