Point of Difference

For many couples, the choice of a civil ceremony involves having so much more input into the ceremony content.  Apart from the requirement for the celebrant to speak the 'Monitum' from the Marriage Act 1961, the only other requirement is that each party to the marriage speak vows, with a few prescriptive words included.

This provides for a whole lot of flexibility and choice, and is something I take very seriously... so that each couple can reflect back and think about just how perfectly their ceremony captured the 'essence' of them and their unique story.

I have just completed my annual review of my planning materials and uploaded the 2014 material to my website (yes, 2014 is only weeks away!)   Sadly, if you are reading this, it is not so easy to click onto the Client Resources tab and see for yourself that I am telling the truth here.  The resources are 'password protected' and made available for couples who become my clients. Why is this? Well a lot of work goes into the material, and like any business, one likes to have some sort of 'point of difference' that attracts prospective clients.  I will, upon request, show you this area of my website, and i will happily send you a sample ceremony should you wish to see some of my work... oh, okay, here is one small excerpt from my 'Readings' document...

Calvin: What's it like to fall in love?

Hobbes: Well... say the object of your affection walks by...

Calvin: Yeah?

Hobbes: First, your heart falls into your stomach and splashes your innards. All the moisture makes you sweat profusely. This condensation shorts the circuits to your brain and you get all woozy. When your brain burns out altogether, your mouth disengages and you babble like a cretin until she leaves.

Calvin: THAT'S LOVE?!?

Hobbes: Medically speaking.