Heavenly Wedding

Sometimes the memory of a ceremony lingers... everything comes together and, lets face it, the setting has a lot to contribute. Yesterday was one of those days... from meeting the couple, planning their big day from interstate, to a lovely 'meet and greet' the couples parents two days before the wedding, to seeing all the effort come together on a perfect spring evening.  The sublime setting pictured below is the award winning Peppermint Bay, some 40 km south of Hobart.  

The majority of guests, including the groom and his groomsmen, chose to arrive by catamaran. The bride made her entrance, preceded by five vivacious nephews, two of whom had the rings secured tied in a heart shaped dish. All proceeded according to plan, until nobody could untie the knot securing the rings... lucky for the well prepared guest who had a pocket knife at the ready.

With a colour theme of silver and yellow, this ceremony was picture perfect, and I look forward to adding a photo to my gallery once the wonderful Chelsea Parsons has woven her own particular brand of magic on them.

PB ceremony.JPG