Marriage Equality

This weekend, on Easter Saturday I will be 'officiating' at the union of two lovely men.  Sadly they won't be signing anything legally binding and many might ask why they are bothering with the expense and effort of their 'fabulous and formal' themed party. We have watched Ellen de Generes, strolling hand in hand with her wife Portia in Sydney and Melbourne as well in recent days. It seems nobody is too fussed, shocked or horrified to see these two women openly expressing their love and commitment.

On another stage as we watch the two main political parties tear each other to pieces, and in the case of Labor, self destruct before our eyes, we can only lament when politicians will get on board the marriage equality train. It simply is not that hard to work out, it's the right thing to do.   

it is 18 months since I joined a delegation to Canberra, to lobby federal politicians about acting on marriage equality. Late in 2012 I also addressed the upper house 'briefing' and then sat through the debate in the Tasmanian parliament. The vote did come close, and had a few of the more conservative members not got 'cold feet', Tasmania would be leading our nation in this matter. Hats off to Australian Marriage Equality convenor, Rodney Croome, the most decent bloke I know, and a man who has devoted his adult life to removing stigma and barriers to homosexuality.

Marriage is a protective institution, and provides a long list of social, economic and health benefits that are too important to ignore. Nobody loses from changes to the Marriage Act to give loving couples the protection of marriage. 

Back to the celebration I am looking forward to this weekend. There won't be a dry eye in the house; everybody will feel the love, these two wonderful men will be 'some-thinged' in front of all their nearest and dearest. I just wish I could pronounce them officially wed!


Lobbying MHR Andrew Wilkie in Canberra, with Rodney, Jen and Jen. October 2011

Lobbying MHR Andrew Wilkie in Canberra, with Rodney, Jen and Jen. October 2011