Umbrella up, umbrella down...

I was the celebrant at a lovely wedding last weekend. The setting was the Cascade Visitors Centre, nestled snugly under Mount Wellington. with the imposing Cascade Brewery facade looming over the wedding proceedings. While Hobart is far from the wettest city in the country, there is always that dilemma of whether or not it will 'rain on your parade'.

Well, let me say, it DID! 

I tried to appear much calmer than I felt, watching my sound system and Marriage Register sitting in the fine mist, that gradually took a turn for the worse. With no way of gauging the size of the now very dark mountain shower, we headed indoors to enact 'Plan B'.  What would the bride want us to do... stand in the rain and appear impotent, or take a stand and consider the comfort of the bridal party and guests?

No sooner had we moved indoors and set up the chairs and musician's extensive gear, yes, you guessed it... the coast was clear, and back out into the garden we went. A few towels later, there was some dry seating for the grandparents, and the signing table was useable again. The ceremony ended in full sunshine and everybody was happy. 

Having then received a beautiful photo from a couple, featuring their indoor wedding venue, I can't help but wonder if this is the 'safest' option, with a plan to have outdoor photos with the bridal party and family afterwards.   It all depends on the level of risk you are prepared to carry, and whether anxiety in the lead up will overshadow what should be a very special day!

I attach this stunning photo of a ceremony held at the Baha'i Centre for Learning,  tucked in between the ABC headquarters and the cenotaph in Hobart. WOW!