Decision by Price Alone?

When shopping for your celebrant,  you will find a variety of prices, and wonder 'why the variation?' You may also see the opportunity to save a few dollars that can be put 'to better use'?  So how do I convince you that the service fee is only one of the factors you need to consider when selecting your marriage celebrant?

Some questions you might like to consider include whether your celebrant has a good grasp of technology. Do they use a microphone and speaker? How well set up is their office, and do they use celebrant software to create the documentation (more accident proof and looks much more professional)? Do they use technology to create and share ceremonies, and dare I say, read from their iPad at the ceremony? (The very thought makes some of my colleagues of weak at the knees, yet I have NEVER had problems or equipment failure.)

Does your celebrant have professional network, including colleagues they share and exchange ideas with, as well as people they trust to step in for them should they unexpected fall ill (rare, but it does happen!)  Are they a member of a recognised professional body, and kept informed of industry news?

We all know that the more we do something, the more practised and polished we become at it. The same can be said for celebrancy. Is your celebrant good at listening, and working with you to ensure your ceremony is personalised? You also want to be confident that your celebrant has public speaking experience and the ability to communicate to a large group in a warm and engaging style.  

Can your celebrant show you photos of ceremonies they have performed? Do the bride and groom appear relaxed and happy? Does your celebrant have testimonials they can refer you to?  In Hobart, it generally takes very little time to find some personal recommendations to check out. Many venues and most photographers will also have a pretty good idea which celebrants they find the most professional and organised. Sometimes this will lead you to an experienced celebrant, with many years of work in the field, other times, it will be a fresh new face with a great approach.

Please don't base your decision on price alone. Very few wedding items will cost you less than your celebrant. Look at the big picture of what your celebrant is offering,  and then ask yourselves  'is this the person we would like to have officiating at our special day?'