But We're In A Hurry...

Thank you to the man who phoned me hoping to marry his 'beloved' prior to their 5:30 pm flight out of Hobart today. I am sorry that I cannot help you and I hope that you will later understand why I was unable to accommodate your wish.  I understand that you have been together for five years,and are devoted to one another but the 'Marriage Act 1961' puts very clear boundaries around the 'notice' required to marry in our country. 

If indeed you could have proven there was a compelling medical reason for the haste, we could have worked with that. Maybe you had been transferred to another country with your work and the situation requires that you be husband and wife? That might have given us something to work with too.  There are a couple of other scenarios which would maybe allow for us to dispense with the usual one month notice but I suspect these were not  applicable either?

The lack of any of the required identification (passport or birth certificate, and the absence of your divorce notices) was always going to further complicate the situation.  These checks and balances are not designed to frustrate 'would be' brides and grooms, they are simply there to protect identity, and to ensure marriage is entered after proper consideration rather than because 'it seemed like a good idea at the time'!  Marriage is an important commitment, a serious decision.... I will be VERY happy to help you if you find yourself in Hobart at a future stage, and if you have been able to give me the required notice.