Celebrants: Youth or Experience?

In the land of celebrants there has traditionally been an element of 'tension' between those who have spent years in the profession, and feel they have very well honed skills and lots of experience to offer clients.  On the other hand are the newly registered celebrants, often offering potential brides and grooms a 'fresh' and 'modern' alternative.

Most couples I meet as part of their wedding planning journey, say they are not sure of the process, uncertain why to look for, and they are very much operating without a lot of understanding of what their celebrant needs to be able to do.

As with every profession, there are some excellent more 'mature' celebrants, whose support and guidance give a lot of marrying couples peace of mind and confidence that things will be well managed, and all eventualities covered.  There are also older celebrants who don't inspire confidence, who may have become entrenched in their way of 'doing things', and who may not be fully listening to their clients to ensure their wishes are taken into account.

Equally, some more recently registered celebrants are highly motivated and fresh, full of ideas, and extremely professional. Others are not as well set up, don't have the experience to draw upon and lack understanding of all their requirements and/or how to manage various challenges that may arise.

The age of your celebrant is but one of many factors you should be considering.  I suggest you meet two or three, seek personal recommendation (not hard if you live locally) and ask them a few key questions. I would want my celebrant (just like my doctor, lawyer or accountant) to be professionally connected, in touch with other like minded people and engaged in professional dialogue and activity. I would want to feel VERY comfortable in their presence, and I would be seeking evidence of highly organised systems in their business. I would not take anything on face value or make an assessment purely on age or longevity in the game. Like all professions, there is room for both new players, and those who have been plying their craft for a long while.

It comes down to knowing what attributes you are looking for in a celebrant, and having a few dot points or questions in your mind for when you meet. As I once heard somebody say,

"I'm not 40, I'm eighteen with 22 years experience."

(Author Unknown)