Winter in Hobart

Is Winter in Hobart a quiet time in 'celebrant land'? Well, the short answer is 'definitely not!' Having just returned form a very special two month trip to southern Europe (explains the lack of blog posts lately), it has been quite a hectic homecoming. Lots of couples start planning their wedding in the cooler months and this year is no exception.  Dates are filling for the coming season, with a sprinkling of ceremonies in the next few cooler months as well.

This is the time I generally take an opportunity to update my ceremony resources so that a) they don't become 'stale' and b) clients can be sure of a great range of ideas, both contemporary and traditional.  I am looking forward to the arrival of new business cards, and renewing connections with favourite wedding venues.

Annual training obligations require that I select a training provider and coursework totalling five hours. Last year the chosen electives were 'Twitter' and 'Ritual in Ceremony'. This year, I am still deciding just what might benefit my business and my clients. I won't be attending the industry conference in two weeks although conferences are a great way to keep informed and updated, plus the Gold Coast does look very appealing right now.