'Stronger Relationships' Trial

You may be aware that the current government has recently initiated a trial of free vouchers for relationship education. Valued at $200, they are intended to provide couples (any couple) at any stage of their relationship to access some free counselling or education.  This could be 'pre-marriage' education, enhancing your existing relationship, financial counselling, and even parenting courses.

If you think you might like to take advantage of this, all you need to do, is register both partners through the website, and receive a 'voucher number' which is redeemable at a number of local service providers.  The trial is capped at 100,000 vouchers and ends on 30 June 2015.

'Do we need this?' you ask. That's a matter between you. If you are marrying for the first time, the 'pre-marriage' focus is on lots of topics that will give you skills and understanding of one another. If you are a re-marriage and/or there are children involved, it can assist with step-parentland and financial aspects of blending your families.

As a celebrant, it is simply my legal duty to inform you of the availability of marriage education and, as it happens, there is currently a window of opportunity to get something for free. As the financial advisor Scott Pape suggests, 'tread your own path'!