Certificate Confusion!

I have recently fielded numerous calls from couples after their ceremony, as well as hearing some 'misinformation' being shared around the wedding community, so here goes...

On your wedding day you will received a lovely 'Presentation Certificate' which will have your names, the date and location of the ceremony and the signatures of the witnesses and celebrant (as well as your own). This Certificate (known as Form 15, see image below) is not considered an 'identifying document' as it contains no information about you. It is pretty and you will possibly frame it, or place it somewhere safe, as evidence of your marriage.

Now, you will also have signed two other forms identical in appearance, although one contains a declaration (Form 14) on the reverse.  This 'Form 16' is your official Marriage Certificate; it is the one that will be sent to the Registrar of Marriages with the other mandatory Form 13 (The Notice of Intended Marriage.) Your celebrant will attend to this and has two weeks post-wedding in which to do so.

There are two ways you can obtain a copy of your registered Marriage Certificate in Tasmania. You may either visit Service Tasmania and order it, and after paying the prescribed fee, it will arrive at your home address within a week or so. (You may pay an additional fee of $32.56 for an 'on the spot' certificate.)

A second way of obtaining a copy of your registered Marriage Certificate is to have your celebrant lodge the Application Form with your marriage paperwork.  She/he will require a copy of your drivers licence or other ID as listed, and you will also complete the payment details on the form, using your own credit card number. Some celebrants say this is not possible...they are WRONG

If you are not local, and live interstate or overseas,  this is by far the simplest way to ensure a copy of your registered Marriage Certificate is sent to you at your home address. You then know that your marriage has been registered by the State Registrar of Marriages, and you have to necessary documentation to show if it is your intention to change your name on your licence, passport, and other important legal and financial documents.