I have a very new Chiayo 505 wireless portable Amplifier system, purchased in October 2015. I did considerable research before settling on this unit.

It has both a hand held microphone and a ‘madonna style’ headset microphone which enables me to be ‘hands free’. The microphones operate from different channels so both can be used in a ceremony at the same time (me wearing the headset, and the hand held mike available to guests performing readings, and your exchange of vows.

The player also has the capability of playing your music ‘playlist’, which you supply on an iPod or similar device. This generally comprises a piece for the entry of the bride, another for the signing, and maybe a third piece for immediately after you have been presented to your guests as husband and wife. I supply the ‘lead’ if you wish to take up this offer, and i ask you to provide me with an ‘operator’ of the iPod to hit ‘start’ and ‘stop’ at the appropriate times.

The Chiayo 505 does have ‘bluetooth’ capability but I am not fully satisfied with the quality of the sound from this and prefer to use a device and a cable to the speaker to ensure no crackles or 'dropping out'.

If you have booked a videographer and he/she wishes to place a lapel microphone and transmitter in the groom’s coat pocket, this may interfere with my system and cause it to fail. It is preferable if they plug into my 'Aux Out' as they will then get the sound without the compromising my microphone.

Lastly, the number of ‘signals’ at any given place and time has escalated beyond anything we can imagine or control. Your guests mobile phones have the ability to affect the quality of the sound and for this reason it is preferable if phones are switched to ‘flight mode’ during the ceremony.

Having said all of this, most ceremonies go off without a hitch and the Chiayo system is a great asset to me, and a reassuring addition to the ceremony.