This Modern World

Over the past two decades, one thing has changed, and that is how couples have found one another.  Early on in my career as a celebrant, they would confidentially whisper to me that they had met 'online' as if it was a tawdry affair or an unsavoury confession. NO WAY was this fact to be revealed to guests at the wedding...heavens above, what would they think?

More recently, the proliferation of sites dedicated to helping singles find their love match has exploded, and I see plenty of happy results.  To coincide with Valentines Day our local newspaper published a delightful article about couples who 'found love online' and it really warmed my heart. The wedding I performed yesterday also made mention of how the couple met. Having found one another on a site called 'Plenty of Fish' they always joke that they met while fishing!  But on this occasion there was universal acceptance from the family and friends, because times have changed!

So is there a more acceptable way to find your love match? I don't think so, whether it be at a club or pub, work or a blind date, at dog obedience classes (yes, dogs have been proven to be a great way to meet people) or you were childhood sweethearts, whose business is it anyway?  As long as the marriage part requires real people in real time in a real location.... I'm sweet!