Everybody appreciates how much preparation goes into a wedding to make it just perfect. As the bride and groom, you  want everybody to have a super day. Sometimes you even forget about your own needs! Below are four suggestions for your wedding day to ensure that you manage the 'self care' part of things on one of the biggest days in your life…

On the day..

Eat Breakfast and Lunch! It’s easy to skip meals when you have hair and makeup appointments, photos, chatting with friends and family. But you need energy to sustain you throughout the whole day. Schedule time for a proper breakfast in the morning, ask family or friends to prepare you a light lunch and ensure you have some protein based snacks to graze on.

Stay hydrated!! Sure there’s nothing wrong with a celebratory glass of champagne while you are getting ready but ensure you are drinking water right throughout the day. Even on cool days bridesmaids and groomsmen can get very warm in suits and ties or uncomfortable high heels. Have some bottles of chilled water on hand in the limo or at the venue to ensure nobody faints (it’s not an enjoyable experience – trust me!!)

Keep Busy! This one is mainly for the boys! The girls schedule is usually a very packed one but the boys often have a bit more time on their hands. Arrange to go out for breakfast/brunch, play a game of golf, go bowling, go for a run, perhaps even go to the barbers for a close shave with your groomsmen! Just arrange an activity so you’re not sitting around waiting until “it’s time!”

Take Time Out! Everybody will want to congratulate and chat to you on the day which is brilliant. But try to find ten minutes just with your partner to “take it all in”, to reflect, to breathe and to chat about the day so far. Just the two of you, nobody else! One timely opportunity to do this might be after your photos, or before you begin your reception.

Smile, Relax, Enjoy, and the most important thing is, you will marry the one you love J