That 'pesky' Monitum

I was very interested to read of a recent trend of couples (and guests) blocking their ears during the mandated reading of the 'Monitum' during a marriage ceremony. The addition of the Monitum by John Howard in 2004 was to 'close the door' on same sex marriages. However increasingly I and many other celebrants are being asked if this wording must be stated.

I simply love the Australian way of 'getting around' stupidity, in this instance by covering their ears, coughing loudly.... or even asking the celebrant to say the Monitum 'sans microphone'. The less radical option is to simply have the celebrant add a qualifying statement, arranged beforehand that sounds along the lines of the following:- 

This couple look forward to the day when all loving couples are able to marry and celebrant their love as they are doing today.

Hopefully Tony Abbott will stick to his word of bringing this matter to the parliament after the Winter recess, and I remain hopeful that he will allow a free vote on this long overdue reform item.