Ceremony with a Difference

When I was first contacted by Brad and James to be their celebrant, my obvious question was 'why now', when there appeared to be a real chance that the change to the Marriage Act was within sight. I felt it was maybe worth holding out a bit longer. However Brad and James said they had been engaged for three years and they refused to be 'dictated to' by Tony Abbott any longer.

Their marriage last Saturday was a simply amazing experience. Their attention to detail, backgrounds in events and design and their commitment to making sure all their guests had a memorable experience all contributed to a wonderful ceremony. From the detailed, monogrammed ceremony booklets to their personal styling complete with 'tails', to the choreography of the entrance of their  two families and bridal party.... to the procession from ceremony venue to reception, accompanied by a police pipe band, this event packed a real punch!

I felt privileged to be the celebrant for James and Brad's wedding. I also feel a deep sadness that their love and commitment is not yet formally recognised in Australia. I look forward to the day that we can re-convene and finish off the paperwork... and their union is on an equal footing with every other marriage I have had the pleasure of performing.