What's More Important: The Wedding or the Marriage?

If you find yourself seduced by glossy wedding magazines, or the myriad of social media sites that will 'help' you plan your wedding, within a very short time you will have to decide whether this one day will be:

  1. the most important day of your life,
  2. the best day of your life, or
  3. the most expensive day of your life!

It’s more than likely that your wedding is one or all of those statuses. I’d like to suggest a more proportionate response.

Maybe your wedding isn’t the most important day, maybe the day you’re currently in, the now is the most important day. It's all very well to wax on about future love, or past love. Love, and loving someone actually exist in the present, it’s an activity that can only occur in the now. Maybe your marriage is more important than the actual wedding in which you are about to invest so very heavily.

Is your future together about the car, the cake, the 'favours'? Should you be so stressed about seating plans, make up trials and whether the fake tan will rub off on your wedding dress? I don't think so, but maybe I'm just old fashioned.

Rather than perceiving your wedding as the 'best day's your life, could it be that the best is yet to come. Maybe  your marriage is a union that has the strength and courage to proclaim that “our best is still ahead of us”.