To Change or Not to Change...Surnames

When I meet with the bride and groom in the planning of their marriage ceremony, this is one of the questions that does arise quite often. Many brides are sure of their intention, but for some they are struggling to weigh up whether to take their husband's surname after marriage. Well some research has been done and a recently published study by Associate Professor Yvonne Corcoran-Nantes from Flinders University has found that 80% of brides do take their husbands surname, even in this the twenty first century.

A little known option is for the groom to take his bride's surname and this has occurred just once in my career, making the odds more than 'one in a thousand'. For some brides, their surname is one they have used in their profession and they feel strongly about keeping it. For others, there are no male offspring and they are literally the last link to their family name. For a report on the study by Associate Professor Corcoran-Nantes, click here.