The Demise of the Bridal Party

When I meet with couples one of the points of contention between them is often the size of their bridal party. Why do bridal parties even exist? Well. historically they were more or less a 'safety net' in the event of real actual demons attacking weddings.  Our ancestors used to be stressed about demons attacking the good things in life, and this included marriage ceremonies.

In my twenty one years of officiating at marriages,  demons are yet to make an appearance, let alone destroy a wedding. Regardless, this is the origin of having attendants at your wedding. Everyone thought it would be a really great idea to dress up a few friends to look a little bit like us so that when the demons arrived to interrupt the nuptials they would be confused because there are so many men in suits and women in dresses. Lo and behold, the bridal party was invented.

But nowadays we live in much more liberated times and we even have the ability to apply a bit of science to the situation, and most likely deduce that the threat of demons sabotaging our wedding day is pretty slim.  There is NO expectation on you to have hordes of family and friends in your wedding party. I'm not advocating dropping this tradition, as I am happy to work with whatever wishes you have for your BIG day! But put your thinking caps on and work out who you wish to involve, why you want a bridal party and work out some of the logistics.  Sadly it seems so many couples are working to others expectations, or trying to please everybody but themselves.

This is your wedding, I can't guarantee 100% that it will be free of demons, but I'm 99.9% confident that you get married without the drama of a huge and costly entourage.