I can only imagine the relief and sheer joy of the 47,000 same sex couples in our country who now have the option to marry. This was hard fought battle, it should never have come to an intrusive and divisive survey BUT thankfully the majority of Australians have given their support and we will now see full equality within weeks (fingers crossed).

When interviewed by media yesterday, the question about personal gain was foremost on the journo's mind ... indeed many people have seen the introduction of marriage equality as a 'lucrative' gig for celebrants.

I DO feel offended and  frustrated, as comments of this nature miss the whole point. Marriage is a protective institution, it nurtures us as human beings and indeed contributes to improved physical and mental health. Sexual orientation is a personal matter, and does not impact on others. Let us do better, let us celebrate love in all its forms and show that all Australians 'belong'! I just feel SOOOOooo happy!