Another wedding 'season' is now done and dusted, and another sixty couples have brought my tally of marriage ceremonies to well over one thousand three hundred! Thank you all for entrusting me with your special day!

As I sit here, I reflect on what arguably has been the greatest change in my professional career - yes the introduction (at long last) of marriage equality in Australia.

While the media have been talking it up, and remain ever so keen for a story, the couples themselves have taken a far more circumspect approach. i have performed six ceremonies with another four coming up later this year.  The couples have without exception been in long term relationships for many years. Without exception they see their marriage as their own business, rather than some sort of 'story' for the masses.

The sky has not fallen in, no cake maker in Australia has been taken to court, nor has any other unforeseen calamity given the naysayers an opportunity to say 'I told you so'! I share with you a fab photo of a couple I had the pleasure of marrying, a few short months ago - such fun, and well done guys on the Hawaiian theme!