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As well as a great big party, your wedding day has a pretty important ‘bit’ which is where we celebrants come in! A great ceremony sets the tone for your celebration and kicks off the party in the best possible way. Yet it is often forgotten in the planning for some other aspects of the day, and some people are reluctant to invest in an experienced, and truly professional celebrant.

Although one of the quickest (and least expensive) wedding elements, the ceremony really does deserve some consideration and thought. You want the celebrant who you both trust to deliver… on legalities, on personality, on keeping you both calm and focussed, and above all, on crafting and sharing a warm and interesting love story!

As well as being guardian of the paperwork, we are actually the official party starter. In the lead up there is a sequence of important steps (mostly invisible) that ensure that things come together. We can recommend amazing vendors, we are great at putting out’ fires’ when your stress levels are mounting, we remind you to breathe and help you focus on what this whole experience is really about.

There is a common misconception that a celebrants role involves a couple of hours work. We all approach our role in different ways, and that’s not a bad thing at all. To achieve the sort of personalised ceremony I like to perform, I really do need to invest considerable time, effort and energy into the ceremony and into you as a couple.

These days couples are spoilt for choice with a plethora of available celebrants. You need not accept ‘staid and clunky’… I suggest couples do some research, look around and be prepared to interview a few potential candidates. Make sure this person “gets” you as a couple, and that you look forward to your meetings with them. Ask yourselves if their presence is calming and if they’d fit right in at your important gig!

Let’s not wish the ceremony away so we can get to the party. Whether it’s short and sweet, or steeped in tradition and ritual, let’s get this event off to the perfect start with a ‘kick ass’ ceremony that will blow people away!