So when Brad and James first contacted me to be their celebrant four years ago, they knew their ‘bigger than Ben Hur’ wedding would not be legally recognised. I offered at that time to ‘finish the job’ once Marriage Equality legislation went through the Australian Parliament. So naturally when I received the invitation to do just that, on the fourth anniversary of the first wedding, I was chuffed beyond words.

We met at the same venue, the beautiful Hadleys Orient Hotel, with considerably fewer family and friends as this one had been affectionately dubbed ‘the paperwork party’. The mood was merry and the grooms allowed me to throw in a surprise at the end…a flashmob reading by all present! They exchanged the same vows as previously and the addition of one very important word sent shivers down our spines…’I take you as my lawful husband’ never sounded better!

What a big few days, the legal wedding on Thursday, James birthday the very next day, and a party back home in Sydney on Saturday night. Thank you both for the beautiful gift of a piece of stunning glassware by Setsuko Ogishi.

Now what excuse can we concoct for a further celebration in another four years…?