Elopements - All the Rage

Elopements are a regular part of what I do as a celebrant. About 30% of couples I marry coming to Tasmania from interstate or overseas, and while they often bring their guests with them (another big earner for our state), some  couples elect to simply get away, taking the hassle free option to get married  without the huge guest list, seating dramas and well intentioned ‘involvement’ of loved ones. They also get to have a fantastic holiday here and go home with lovely memories and change in their pockets.

The stresses and strains of organising a celebratory event becomes too much when coupled with busy working lives. The escalating costs of attire, venues, food, beverages, waiting staff, photographers, cars…..even bouquets can be in excess of $170 each. Before you know it a wedding can consume more than the deposit for a new home.

With the internet, you can shortlist your celebrant and wedding suppliers, use Skype and Facebook to assist with research and decision making, and feel reasonable confident that your plans will fall into place. Sometimes couples make an advance trip to satisfy themselves that the pieces are coming together but not always… Just make sure you plan it at least a month ahead, as this country requires a month’s notice of a marriage, not something that is widely known.

I have resources available through my website, and am always happy to supply witnesses if required. I can even recommend a suitable restaurant for that celebratory meal (lets face it, we are spoilt for choice). The ‘My Friends’ tab on the website also provides the names of reputable suppliers of wedding related services.

Eloping no longer carries with it the stigma of yesteryear; it is a practical and attractive option to an increasing number of savvy members of the marrying public.

Laura and Diego after their ceremony at the beautiful 'Woodbridge on the Derwent'.

Laura and Diego after their ceremony at the beautiful 'Woodbridge on the Derwent'.