Book Your Celebrant

Your celebrant is one of the FIRST services you need to lock in. The great thing (if you live in Hobart) is that you can ask around family, friends, workmates. Also good places for recommendations are other wedding service suppliers, especially photographers.  

Complete the Paperwork

Let’s get together at a mutually convenient time. Your choice, my home office, coffee shop or if necessary, a Skype call is fine too. Once we have talked and you feel confident that we are a good ‘fit’,  I will help you to complete the Notice of Intended Marriage.  At this stage the booking fee of $250 is also paid, and you are provided access to the Client Resource section of this website.

The Notice of Intended Marriage must be lodged with me at least one month* prior to your wedding day.
(* this can be shortened by the Registrar of Marriages only. Feel free to call me to discuss.)

Paperwork required before the date of the marriage:  either your original birth certificate (translated into English if necessary) and other photo ID, or your passport.

Previous Marriage: If you are divorced you must provide an original Certificate of Divorce, or if widowed an original Death Certificate (translated into English if necessary). These need to be produced before the can still lodge the Notice of Intended Marriage if you don't quite have all the paperwork.

Immigration:  Where required, I am happy to supply a formal letter to submit to Immigration stating that you have a booking to be married and that you have completed and lodged the Notice of Intended Marriage.

Creating the Ceremony Itself

This is the best bit! You may be after a basic ‘registry style’ marriage, a casual and relaxed affair, or lavish with all the traditional elements! You will have some ideas of your own and using my web-based Client Resources* we will fine tune until the ceremony is 'word perfect'. After all, I am not 100% happy until you are!

(* Sorry you can't see this yet. It's for use by my confirmed clients via a special password.)

Nearer to the Day

In the lead up to your wedding day, there will be regular ongoing communication between us. In the week leading up to the ceremony, we will have a final office based meeting (I think of it as a 'logistical catch up') or an 'on-site rehearsal’.  You will double check the certificates, sign an important declaration, and we will discuss the ceremony in depth to ensure all goes to perfect plan.  The balance of payment is also due either before or at this meeting.


Your wedding ceremony must be witnessed by two people over 18 years of age. They may be attendants, friends or family members.  I will need the FULL names of these two witnesses before our final planning meeting so they can be professionally printed on your marriage certificates.

The Day Itself

Expect me to arrive at the venue at least 20 minutes before (in accordance with the Code of Practice) to set up and liaise with the venue operators and those people who have a role in the ceremony (readings, music, witnesses etc.). You have nothing to worry about on your BIG day but to turn up and enjoy every moment.