After twenty years and over a thousand weddings, I know quite a bit about helping couples achieve their dream marriage ceremony. 

Your enquiry will receive a quick response, and you may like an initial conversation (phone, Skype, F2F) before you 'commit'. After all, it's your celebrant who will set the tone for your ceremony, and therefore your entire wedding day so you need to be confident that you've chosen "the one" that feels right for you! 

In my view,  'love is love'; I welcome enquiries by same sex couples, and look forward to marriage equality in Australia.  I know the 'ins and outs' what is required legally, and what is possible.  I am very comfortable with couples who want to talk to me about how to address that 'pesky' Monitum that requires me to say 'marriage is the union of a man and a woman'!

Because Tasmania has no Registry Office, I offer a  a beautifully appointed marriage room for very small weddings; this has an open fire, bay window, chandelier and antique furniture ('Circa 1890' home) OR weather permitting, a private formal garden. If you seek a 'destination' wedding, free to check out my Elope to Tasmania factsheet.

I encourage you to check my availability (scroll down to my calendar) or travel through to my website. OR simply send a message (bottom right of screen)  for a speedy reply.


I doubt it is a secret that I support Marriage Equality 110% - both by being outspoken about it and by contributing to various campaigns. I've always been open about that, even in the face of advice from other celebrants that my public stance will lose me legal weddings of couples who do not support the cause, advice which I happily ignore! 

I also believe strongly in participating and contributing to professional associations. However, while I am a member of the AFCC, one of the largest national celebrant associations, I distance myself from the official position of the association as put to the Senate Select Committee in January 2017 in the AFCC submission, in which the AFCC expressed that it supported ‘exemptions’ for celebrants who would prefer to not perform ‘same sex’ marriages. Sadly I will not continue to be a member of a professional association which would so openly discriminate....without even checking with the members which it purports to represent.

Civil marriage celebrants are appointed to be an operational arm of the Marriage Act. And as such must comply with the Act in its entirety - which at the moment means reciting that exclusionary passage about marriage being restricted to a man and a woman - words which hurt every time I say them.